Booming  X concert

Collaboration Performance

Booming Entertainment is planning various Collaboration Performances. Including Musicians and artists, Musicians and Fashion, Musicians and Club, we are creating different ways to enjoy K-pop.

부밍이앤엠은 전 세계 한류팬들과 글로벌 진출기업을 위한 다양한 ‘Collaboration 공연을 기획하고 있습니다. 뮤지션과 아티스트, 뮤지션과 패션, 뮤지션과 클럽 등의 다양한 조우를 통한 새로운 공연문화를 창출시키고자 합니다.




The authentic live concert of true singers beyond genres and generations.

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[Rookie Asia Mstyle Show] is the variety show with the music and fashion, and tried to make a harmony with performance and fashion culture through K-Fashion Show and K-POP Concert.


A new artist Concert_ ‘ACON’

Club performances with rising K-pop artists. ‘Hybrid Performance’

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