Booming Entertainment is challenging the new media business on the basis of our accumulated contents and networks.

We are creating new artists by discovering talented prospects in music and acting .

These guys will grow to be the right artists for the new media environment.


부밍이앤엠은 축적된 콘텐츠와 네트워크를 바탕으로 새로운 미디어 사업에 도전하며 


음악과 연기에서 재능 있는 유망주를 발굴해 새로운 아티스트를 만들고 있습니다.

이들은 새로운 미디어 환경에 최적화된 아티스트로 성장할 것입니다.

Dohwan Lim

Singer-songwriter who has a good looking and amazing musicality.


Dohwan Lim was found through the audition in Booming Ent. on 2017. 

He is the musician who has captivating voice, powerful singing ability and wonderful piano playing skills. He is also able to write the lyrics and songs. 


Currently, he is considered one of the most notable artists in the music industry to fill the absence of a male solo artist. 

Juyeon Seo 

Talent, model, born in 1983, 170cm / 52kg 


Mbc drama <Sarang haeseo Namjoona 2013>,
KBS drama <A girl selected by Feudality 2014>, <Ojackyo Family) 55 weekend dramas >,
<Why Didn't You Get Married> and many more>


Mbc드라마 <사랑해서 남주나 2013>

KBS드라마 < 범법자 춘향 재판기 2014 >, <오작교형제들 55부작 주말드라마 2011>

E채널 드라마 <당신은 왜 결혼하지 못했을까(4화) 2012> 외 다수

Advertisement, pictorials.
Many fashion brands / Wanda Group Aquarium / Sulwhasoo Cosmetics / Hera Cosmetics
Crowdfunding Public Service Advertisements / Jeju Luxury Resort / Yogiyo / Detol etc

광고, 화보
패션 브랜드 화보 다수 / 완다그룹 아쿠아리움 / 설화수화장품 / 헤라화장품 / 크라우드펀딩 공익광고 / 제주 럭셔리 리조트 / 요기요 / 데톨 외