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Since January, 2000, Booming Ent. has grown up as a representable recording studio in Korean music industry. We worked with BTS, EXO, Kim Su Hyun, SNSD, Cho Yong Pil, Lee Seung Chul, Kim Yuna TVXQ, BoA, SISTAR, Super Junior, Bada, Rain, Roy Kim, Lim Jae Bum, Song Ji Hyo, Position, F(x), Jackie Chan, Musical 'In the Heights’, Musical 'Jekyll and Hyde’, Jason Mraz and etc. 


Best facilities, best sounds, best music

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Booming X Stars




스튜디오 음악당 1~13

봄여름가을 김종진 리유니온'빛과 소금'

Asahi CF - Filming

Hoonus Ent. - Recording

Friends Marble - Mixing

Solid - Filming

Lee Kyeong Sup - Recording

Shin Chul - Recording and Mixing

Volkswagen CF - Filming

EXO-CBX - Fliming

Kim Hyun Chul - Recording

Kim Hye Yeon - Recording

Roy Kim - Recording

Paul Kim - Recording

Position - Recording

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

- Recording and Mixing

Chung Ha - Recording

Ahn Yung Min - Recording

Kim Kwang Min - Recording

Yoon Sang - Recording

Starship Ent. - Filming

Park Kang Yung - Recording

Park Su Hong - Recording

TVN - Filming

Kim Kun Mo - Recording

Gyeong Ri - Recording

Shim Sang Won - Recording

Lee Kwang Jo - Recording and Mixing

Kwon Hyuk Soo - Recording

Jay Park - Recording

NaBi - Recording

MoMo Land - Recording

BMK - Recording

Lee Ji Yeon - Recording and Mixing

Yang Su Kyeong - Recording and Mixing

Kim Seung Hyun - Recording and Mixing

Wang Rong - Mixing

The One - Recording 

Hoonus Ent. - Recording

Lee Chi Hyun - Recording

Shin Min - Mixing

Song Kyeong Jo - Recording

Shin Chul - Recording

Chae Ri Na - Recording

Lim Chang Jung - Recording

Defconn - Recording

KCM - Recording

Nonsense - Recording and Mixing

HEYNE - Recording

SugarMan - Recording

BTS - Recording

SM - Recording

Steelheart - Recording

Roy Kim - Recording

Mystic - Recording

IOI - Recording

Kim Kun Mo - Recording and Filming

Postman - Recording

Yoon Sang - Recording

Shinhwa - Filming


​BTS CM송 녹음(2017)


​Iwan Fals CM song Recording(2015)


​MOMO LAND CSAT Recording(2017)


스튜디오 음악당(2020)

스튜디오 음악당.jpg

Cho Yong Pil Concert Recording(2013)


​Kim Yuna CM song Recording(2014)


Jason Mraz 'Wonderful Days' Filming(2012)

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